How To Turn LinkedIn Connections into Relationships, and Relationships into Results


Dave O'Farrell  President, O'Farrell Career Management  is our speaker for 17 February 2014 at 6 PM.  Dave O’Farrell is a Christian Career Coach and he and his team employ a customized and highly individualized approach that empowers clients to achieve maximum results in minimum time. He will share his insights and secrets about how to turn LinkedIn connections into relationships, and relationships into results.

– Learn the three keys to leverage the power of LinkedIn

– Learn how to attract employers to your profile using SEO / SEM

– Learn how to find recruiters who place people in your function or industry

– Learn how to find the specific manager who would hire you in a target company

– Learn how to move beyond LinkedIn to build relationships that will move your career forward

O’Farrell will not cover the basics of LinkedIn such as how to construct a profile, navigate through the menus, or manage your settings. He will teach us how to dive into this robust database, filter information effectively, and then interact with real people (instead of the online profiles).

For the past 21 years, Dave O’Farrell has been helping people shorten their search, earn more money, and get better results. He worked seven years for one of the world’s three largest career management firms; now he owns Atlanta’s most effective career management firm, O’Farrell Career Management. O’Farrell CM provides outplacement consulting services to employers, and he and his team provide résumé writing, interview coaching, strategic marketing, social media training, and other services to job seekers. Learn more at

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