Become a pro at LinkedIn by Dave OFarrell


LinkedIn is now one of the most effective tools that any job seeker needs to get that next job.  Dave OFarrell will show job seekers how to easily and effectively maximize this tool.  Do not miss this - even if you can!.  In addition, Marlon Longacre will be presenting "Achieving Through Believing"; an inspirational series that will rev up job seekers who have lost their confidence and enthusiasm. 

There are free snacks, gifts for first timers, and networking opportunities that can lead to that connection to the next job.

  • When:    Monday, February 17, 6 to 8 PM
  • Where:  Piedmont Conference Center, 527 Piedmont Road, Marietta (Piedmont Church)
  • Go toL for more information.

E-mail with any questions or comments; put "JobSeekers" in the subject line please.

The WOW Presentation by Jay Litton

Jay Litton presents his ever popular "WOW presentation. You don't want to miss this. Also, Marlon Longacre will be presenting the "Achieving Through Believing" series. Our experience is that those in job transition are gripped by fears that can sabotage their job search. We have help for you. When: Monday, Feb. 3 at 6 PM Where: Piedmont Church, Conference Center 527 Piedmont Road, Marietta, GA Website:

JobSeekers, New Year, New Agenda


We are excited to upgrade our agenda for the 2014 season.  We are adding an interactive tour of our website to include key resources that all job seekers need to know about in order to be successful in their search for jobs in Atlanta.  Check us out at then come meet with us.

January 6 meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather.


Sorry, but due to inclement weather, we are cancelling our Monday, January 6 meeting.  Please join us January 20th for the new and exciting series.

JobSeeker Special Christmas Program


JobSeekers is presenting a special Christmas treat with snacks and special music to celebrate the season as well as a very popular program where we invite the audience to ask any and all job search questions in an open forum to HR professionals.  We are honored to have the Vice President of People, Phil Stroud and HR Professional Desiree Warren to answer questions of job seekers.  In addition, we will have Marlon Longacre starting his "Achieving Through Believing" series and of course the ever popular networking portion of the program.

For more info go to or e-mail

JobSeekers Monday, Nov. 18 \\The 3 Approaches to the Job Search and How To Master Them


For our Monday, November 18 meeting, facilitated by Phil Stroud, Vice President of People at a local business, we have a dynamic 3- phased program for you.  First, you will learn how to idenfiy and accomplish your dreams, presented by Marlon Longarcre. Then you will experience the fourth in the series by Judi Adams, author and successful job search coach; called  "The Three Approaches to the Job Search: Reactive, Passive, and Proactive" 

In Ms. Adams' presentation you will learn that many job seekers are good at the reactive job search approach, waiting for a company to post a position that is a fit and then applying to it. There are two other approaches to the search and in this presentation, Judi Adams of RightChanges, the affordable and successful job search coach, will share all three approaches, explain which will yield the best results, and how to be better at each. Like did you know that if you do not repost your resume on job boards every few weeks it may not be picked up when companies or recruiters go looking for candidates? Come hear why and become knowledgeable on the other approaches that will greatly increase your chances of success. 

Finally, we wrap up with power networking facilitated by HR professional, Desiree Warren.  Don't miss this even if you can.  Send an e-mail to with any questions or comments.

The meeting is 6:00 PM t 8:00 PM at Piedmont Conference Center, 527 Piedmont Road, Marietta.  There is no charge for this program. for more info

JobSeekers Nov. 4 Guaranteed Resume Tips

First of all let me apologize for a repeating e-mail some of our folks received, for our Oct. 7 meeting. Somehow it got locked into a repeating send pattern, and hopefully we have resolved it. if you get this e-mail more than once please immediately send an e-mail to and I will quickly resolve it for you. Now for our next meeting which is Monday evening, 6 PM, November 4. Marlon Longacre will continue his series on Achieving your Dreams and Judy Adams will cover the next topic in her series, "DO NOT tailor your resume to every job you apply too; but..." And of course you will want to join in the networking portion led by HR professionals as we wrap up our meeting at 8 PM> Free Gifts for new comers and no charge for anyone. For more details go to

JobSeekers is on a roll

We have had two great meetings to get the fall season rolling. The next week is one you don't want to miss. Judi Adams, CEO of RightChoices Coaching, will cover "How and Where to do the Research to Find the Jobs". Also Marlon Longacre will continue his inspirational series. And of course the networking segment led by two of the industries best HR professionals is unbeatable. Join us Monday, October 21 at 6 PM at Piedmont Conference Center. For more details go to our website at

SERIOUSLY JobSeekers is back

If you are unemployed or if you know of someone who is unemployed, help yourself and help your friend by forwarding this; then come check us out at JobSeekers. Absolutely no cost other than the time you invest. More details at

JobSeekers is BACK

After taking the summer off, JobSeekers is back and ready to serve. Our first meeting back will be Monday, September 16 at Piedmont Conference Center, 527 Piedmont Road. 5:30 PM - 8 PM. We will have a special guest along with business presentation and networking opportunities.. Stay tuned for more details.
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