JobSeekers December 17 a special event


Free Christmas gifts for all job seekers as well as stocking stuffers for each family member.  The next in the "Achieving Through Believing" series and a special presentation by Dave OFarrell that will help job seekers get re-employed. The Vice President of Human Resources for local business, will be there to answer questions .  Don't miss this - even if you can.  Bring a fellow job seeker. 

Piedmont Conference Center

Monday, December 17 at 5 PM for more information

JobSeekers Piedmont Church Christmas gifts for all!


Real Ministries is bringing free gifts for all JobSeekers and one free stocking stuffer for each family member.  No strings attached.  Real Ministries did some savvy shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday and came away with some great gifts and all they want to do is to get them in the hands of job seekers and their family members.  Be there early next Monday, December 17; shopping begins at  5 PM at Piedmont Church Conference Center.  More details are on the web  In adddition there will be a great program designed to get job seekers back on track and back in the job market.

JobSeekers December Event


We have the line up to get JobSeekers going in December.  "Achieving Through Believing" guaranteed to get you believing in yourself again followed by the third part in the series of "The 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search.

Whether you are a recent graduate or experienced worker, whether you are unemployed, misemployed, or underemployed, you will want and need to know if you are committing any of common mistakes that will sabotage a job search.

Judi Adams, a successful job search coach, author, and speaker has captured the mistakes made by too many job seekers and how to avoid them in her presentation.

Join us Monday, December 3.  Get details at



JobSeekers off for the Thanksgiving Holiday


Just a reminder that we will not be meeting Monday, November 19th at JobSeekers.  We also know that these can be tough times, but heads up, God is in Control and we are not.  This is something to be thankful for indeed.  See everyone the first Monday in December.

Part 2 of The 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search


Monday, November 5, 6 PM, Judi Adams, a successful job search coach, author, and speaker has captured the mistakes made by too many job seekers and how to avoid them in her presentation on The 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search.  Don't miss part 2 - Overcoming loss and fear and choosing a great attitude. 

Also, Marlon Longacre will present "Achieving Through Believing" and there will be networking opportunities and a chance to join a C3G team.

Get details at  .    Don 

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JobSeekers is a winner


We had a great session led by Greg Dillon with a focus on how to network.  Did you know that 80% of jobs are hidden and can only be found through networking?  If you had attended you would know how to find them.  DO NOT MISS the next JobSeeker meeting with  

Judi Adams, a successful job search coach, author, and speaker who will discuss the mistakes made by too many job seekers and how to avoid them in her presentation on The 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search.  This will take place the first Monday in November - Nov. 5 at 6 PM

Go to our website for more details


JobSeekers Do not miss this even if you can


Greg Dillon, Director of Business Development - Georgia Institute of Technology, will present "The Three Essential Elements of Networking", Monday, October 15. This will be followed by an open panel discussion hosted by Mr. Dillon, Phil Stroud - Vice President of People at a local 1500 employee company and other HR professionals.  Free gifts, No Charge.   .  ...  

Here is a comment from an attendee from the previous JobSeeker meeting:   "So many people came into that meeting scared and lost, but when they left - a light had come back on.  You could see it. I loved seeing that happen... for me and for them."

JobSeekers is Back!


JobSeekers is back after the summer off.  Our first meeting was a hit.  We had 20 attendees to listen to Marlon Longacre present his Achieving Through Believing series, followed by networking with a C3G twist and finally a strong finish by author, speaker, CEO of RightChanges; Judi Adams.  Judi shared the first of a six part series called "The Five Deadly Sins of the Job Search. The new two hour program (6 - 8 PM) seems to be a good fit with rave reviews.  We actually had one seeker announce he had just received a job offer - thats what we are here for!

Check us out at first and third Mondays. 

JobSeekers Kicks Off New Season


JobSeekers kicks off new season with new format, 6PM, Monday, October 1!!!

Vice President of Human Resources kicks off meeting

Free gifts for first timers

"Achieving Through Believing" motivtional message

Networking opportunities

All new series "The Five Deadly Sins of the Job Search"


Go to for more info

JobSeekers Kick Off October 1 Dont Miss It!!


JobSeekers Fall Kick Off – October 1

What:  JobSeekers is a group of business professionals committed to helping others find the way during career transition.  There will be inspiration, networking, professional presentations, etc.

When:  Every first and third Monday, from 6 to 8 PM.  First meeting after summer break is Monday, October 1.

Where:  Piedmont Church Conference Center, 570 Piedmont Road, Marietta, GA (directions on website)

Cost:  FREE


Two Free Gifts for all first time attendees!

Please pass this on - tell a friend who needs a job.... 

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