JobSeeker Thanksgiving Special November 21st


You don't want to miss this Thanksgiving special, Monday, November 21, 5:30 PM at Piedmont Church Conference Center.  More details at

We have a talented line up to meet your job seeking needs:

The next step in our "Six Steps To Success" series on how to get a job is
"Marketing Materials - It is more than just a resume".  This presentation, by Judi Adams, founder and CEO of RightChanges, will help job seekers understand the fundamentals of: 

  • Resumes
  • Business Cards
  • Networking Guide
  • LinkedIn / Twitter etc.
  • Cover letters

In addition, Terry Stork a top sales executive,  will be telling his unforgettable story.

We will also have Q&A with the Vice President of Human Resources and a Career Coach from a top Atlanta firm will be there to provide coaching and guidance.

How Do I Market Myself? The fourth in the Six Step Success Series


 The next step in our "Six Steps To Success" series on how to get a job is"Marketing Materials".  This presentation will help job seekers understand the fundamentals of:

  • Resumes
  • Business Cards
  • Networking Guide
  • LinkedIn / Twitter etc.
  • Cover letters

In addition we have the always motivational speaker Terry Stork.  Terry was born into the city life of Ohio, raised on a farm in Kentucky, went to college on a wrestling scholarship. He had 3 different businesses before the age of 25 that taught him a lot about himself, life and success. Terry started into the supplemental health insurance business with a company where he remained for 25 yrs, obtaining an executive board member position in which he hired, trained, motivated and discipled some of the best in the business ! At age 28 God got a hold of Terry's heart and nothing has been the same since !

Terry is blessed with a wife and friend of 29 yrs who helped raise 3 children that they are very proud of!  After 25 yrs in a company that was his life and when he was at the top of his game, God challenge him to leave with no specific direction, that's where the rubber hit the road as to whether He was Lord and not just savior of Terry's life !  The question was simple, who or what did Terry really put his trust in !  This is a must hear testimony that will inspire you in your job search.

 "Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life." 

We will also offer these additional topics:

  • Ask HR - honest answers from Vice President of Human Resources
  • Ask a Career Coach - learn from experts at one of Atlanta's top outplacement firm
  • Networking - get leads and give leads to others.

Get all the details at


Unemployment Rates by Age Surprising statistic


Surprising unemployment statistics by age group.  Older workers more than double the unemployment rate from 2007.

JobSeekers Big Event November 7


This is the third of a seven part series that will give you the tools you need to get that job.  The first two topics were Attitude, and Aptitude and now we will cover Altitude which deals with targeting companies and resumes.  In addition, you will definetly want to hear the testimony of Carlene Fregeolle,  plus networking, Ask a Career Coach and meet with a Vice President of Human Resources to have you HR questions answered.    This will be an action packed two and a half hours that could make all the difference in getting a job and sitting on the sideline. Come and bring a friend. 

The doors will be open and the Piedmont Church Conference Center beginning 5:30 PM.  Snacks and refreshments available.  Business Casual.  Get more information at this site E-mail us at 

JobSeekers Cobb County New Time, Place and Program


JobSeekers has moved from our Tuesday mornings at The Varsity to Piedmont Church on 1st and 3rd Monday evenings of every month.  Check us out at Here is the latest:

Marietta / Kennesaw: Mon Oct 17: Identify and Sell your Competitive Advantage

Join us Monday Oct 17that Piedmont Job Seekers for a presentation that you will find both uplifting and impactful to your search.

Oct 17th is the second of a seven part series that will definitely increase your chances of being employed. You do not need to attend all seven sessions but you will be thankful if you do.

Whether you are a new job seeker or have been in a transition for a while, don't miss Jeff McClain.

Date: Monday October 17, 5:30 PM

Come early for special breakout sessions (5:30 PM)
General Networking
Ask the Coach
Resume Review
Ask HR
Main event 6:30 PM Speaker


Piedmont Church
570 Piedmont Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Conference Center – back of the property


I hope to see you there

Phil Stroud

Don\t miss the Break Out sessions at JobSeekers


Everyone knows we have networking opportunities at our meetings, but did you know we also have break out sessions?  Starting at 5:30 PM we have:

  • Ask a Career Coach
  • Ask HR
  • Transforming your career through professional development at Kennesaw State University paid for by the Workforce Investment Act

New Block Buster Series Coming Your Way At JobSeekers


You don't want to miss the six steps to success in the job search starting Monday, October 3 at Piedmont Church.  This series will give you everything you need to succeed in the job of getting a job.  In addition you will be hearing from some of Atlanta's elite who will be sharing their personal stories of dealing with life's struggles.  Here are the six steps..

Step 1 is Attitude: You have to understand how the job market has changed, you have to process the job loss, and accept the opportunity that is ahead.

Step 2 is Aptitude: You have to know a product in order to be successful at selling it. In the job search the product is you, your skills, abilities, and prior accomplishments

Step 3 is Altitude: You have to define what you want to do, where you want to work and who is hiring.

 These three steps must be accomplished before you can update your marketing materials since that information is needed for them.

Marketing Materials: In today’s market there is a lot more than just a resume

 Step 4 is Search: Applying on-line is not the only approach to finding a job and is in fact the least successful approach

Step 5 is the Interview.

Step 6 is Selecting the right job.

 Your next job is not your last. Once you are employed, there are action items you need to take to make the next transition easier and faster. We will not be covering this in the series but when you land your job, let us know. 

USA Today Most Common Mistakes Job Candidates Make in Interviews


According to the August 15 USA Today the following are the top 5 most common mistakes job candidates make during job interviews:

  1. 38% had little to no knowledge of the company they are interviewing with
  2. 20% came unprepared to discuss thier skills and experiences
  3. 14% were unprepared to discuss career plans and goals
  4. 10% lack of eye contact
  5. 9% arrived late for the interview

Crossroads Career Network offers exclusive event


CrossRoads Career Network will be offering a two week series beginning August 11; designed to give the Job Seeker every advantage in their career transition.  Find out more and register by clicking this link   

New Options added to JobSeekers Event


Greg Dillon contineus his dynamic series and is joined by Steve Crowley, who is a former stock broker turned pastor.  In addition, we have added new functionality like "Ask a Career Coach", and "Ask HR"  to allow seekers to get answers to those tough questions.  In addition, we will be announcing the launch of "Crossroads Career Network Crash Course".  We will have 25 openings to attend the Crash Course so come ready to learn. 

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