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Make introduction & connections to people that work for a Company you’re targeting! 

PLEASE, stay for the entire meeting, so as you seek connections from others, you can also contribute to other participants.

RESPONSIBILITIES for the PARTICIPANT when addressing the group:
1.) Name
2.) Area of expertise
3.) Top Company you’re targeting (Have at least 4-5 Top Companies; we know some companies will be named more than once) 

RESPONSIBILITES for the PARTICIPANTS listening while others are speaking:
Please have your LinkedIn Account open so you can look-up possible contacts.
If you have a connection for the participant(s), go to that Chat Box function:

  • type in your Full Name
  • Email address
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Name of the Company you have a lead/connection to 

Participants will be asked to go to the Zoom Mtg. Chat Box at 9pm & “save” all the info typed so that they can follow-up with each other for that important 1-on-1 conversation.

 Time: May 12, 2020   7PM to 9PM

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Meeting ID: 879 9136 7544
Password: 482031